AT fan comic for kicks.

AT fan comic for kicks.

two unfinished comic pages that will never be touched again

First ten pages of a new comic? Sure, why not. Lil’ Julie and Megan.

ps If you can’t tell already, I only own three color pencils. 

sketch dump

Painting practice.

Drawing jam collection with Spencer Godfrey 

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"Holo Pearl" from Steven the Swordfighter

This is a medley of all of Holo Pearl’s music in the episode. Since she’s a broken facsimile of Pearl, we used a glitchy piano and an erratic collection of sounds.

Music: Aivi & Surasshu
Art: Joe Johnston

I love Holo Pearl’s fight theme so much. Aivi and Surasshu are always blowing my mind!

from Courts, by Ward Roberts

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Very excited to announce I have a new comic written by Pete Toms up on Study Group!

It’s about Branwell a recently orphaned girl who ends up working with Pops a tough child cop at an orphan police squad.

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